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People with a zest for life, who enjoy good food with family and friends can now experience the flavors and spirit of Greece in the warm and inviting atmosphere of Halifax’s Estίa Restaurant. 

Located on Spring Garden Road, Estia invites you to come and experience the food, music and hospitality that is Greece while still in Halifax.  Our food represents traditional Greek cuisine made from our favourite family recipes. 

The restaurant, however, features more than Greek cuisine.  Our eclectic menu also includes a variety of meat, seafood, vegetarian and pasta specials that are sure to please.  Favorites such as rack of lamb, stuffed haddock with lobster sauce and chicken marsala grace the menu.  For those who prefer lighter fare, there is a varied selection of pitas, wraps, paninis, and sandwiches.  With such a diverse menu to choose from, there’s something here to satisfy all palates.    

Estίa’s name comes from the Greek word for “hearth” meaning warmth.  The name was chosen because so many of the Greek traditions focus on the gathering and celebration of family, friends and good food, all of which create a characteristically warm and inviting atmosphere --- the essence of which can be felt throughout the restaurant.      

From our friendly and welcoming staff to the freshest and finest ingredients used in our recipes, Estίa is passionate about creating a memorable and authentic “Grecian culinary experience.”  

Στην υγειά μας!   (Cheers ~ To our health!)

Maria and Peter Katsihtis
and the Estίa staff

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